Say Goodbye to Fire Ants

Arrange for fire ant removal services in Huntsville & Madisonville, TX

Are fire ant mounds popping up all over your property? We can help. Statewide Pest Control offers fire ant removal services in Huntsville & Madisonville, TX. We can spray your yard to kill off fire ants before they become a biting menace. If you need us to treat your property for fire ants regularly, we can do that, too.

Don't let fire ants take over your lawn. Call 936-581-4212 right away to arrange for fire ant control services.

Avoid painful fire ant bites

Statewide Pest Control is your go-to fire ant removal company serving Huntsville & Madisonville, TX. You should hire us to get rid of fire ants on your property right away because they can:

  • Sting children and pets, causing serious pain
  • Ruin your lawn if left alone
  • Contaminate food sources

With 21 years of experience, you can count on us to block entry points and exterminate your fire ants. Contact us today to get reliable fire ant control services.