Put a Stop to the Buzzing and the Biting

Get mosquito control services in Huntsville & Madisonville, TX

Is your yard being overrun by mosquitoes? Stop the buzzing and biting. Call on Statewide Pest Control for quarterly, monthly or one-time mosquito control services in Huntsville & Madisonville, TX. We can treat your home and yard to kill off every last mosquito on your property. You can rely on us to eliminate mosquitos quickly so you can enjoy spending time outdoors in peace again.

Our crew exterminates mosquitos and their eggs to ensure that you yard will remain mosquito-free. Call 936-581-4212 now to schedule mosquito control services.

Check out these helpful mosquito repellant tips

Mosquitos can transmit diseases and leave you with itchy bites. That's why you should turn to Statewide Pest Control for mosquito extermination services in Huntsville & Madisonville, TX. We can get rid of mosquitos around your home in no time. Once they're gone, you can help keep them from taking over again by:


  • Getting rid of standing water
  • Treating ponds or other bodies of water
  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Removing brush piles








We have over 21 years of experience exterminating mosquitos. Contact us today to arrange for mosquito extermination services.