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Termites can cause more structural damage to your home or facility than any other pest. That's why it's so important to set up termite control services with Statewide Pest Control if you suspect you have an infestation. We provide termite treatment for residential and commercial clients in the Huntsville, Madisonville & Bryan, TX area.

We offer spot and partial treatments. You can choose between a digging and trenching service and a baiting system that avoids contaminating the soil.

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What are some common signs of a termite infestation?

Termites can do untold damage to your property. Don't let the signs of infestation go unnoticed. You should contact Statewide Pest Control immediately for termite control services if:

  • Your wood features sound hollow when you tap them
  • Your doors and windows don't close like they should
  • You hear light banging sounds in your walls
  • You see frass (termite droppings) lying around
  • You spot "white ants" crawling around your space

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Termite Services

Spot Treatment

This is a treatment area less than 10 Lin Ft. Prices are given after an thorough inspection has been completed.

Starting at $165 + tax
There is no guarantee with this service and no responsibility by Statewide Pest Control of damage caused by termites before or after said treatment.

Partial Treatments

Prices are given after a thorough inspection has been completed.

Termite Pretreatments

Borate Treatments

Wood Treatment done at time of construction

Starting at .25 cents per square foot.
Comes with a 20 year guarnatee on the treated structure

Termiticide Slab Treatments

Treatment is done just before the pad is covered with plastic in preparation of pouring concrete

Imadacloprid starting at .35cents per square foot
Comes with a 5 year guarantee on the treated structure

Fipronil Products Starting at .45 cents per sq ft.
Comes with a 10 year guarantee on the treated structure